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About Hydrogen Water If you have been researching what hydrogen water is and the potential benefits of consuming what seems like an evolution in water filtration; you have probably come across a general idea of what it is... Simply stated; it is the infusion of additional hydrogen (H2) molecules into purified water. Although Hydrogen Water has been...

No. Alkaline water has large quantities of minerals dissolved in it, and it does not normally have an electric charge or contain active hydrogen. Only "ionized alkaline" water has an antioxidant electric charge and some dissolved hydrogen, although most of the electric charge comes from the ionized minerals, which do not have a useful antioxidant c...

References to the KYK Company awards, licenses and patents for their Hydrogen Water Generators and Alkaline Ionizers is a testament to their exceptional manufacturing practices and the high quality of each product. Medals & Awards Service Merit Order of Industrial Service Merit of Iron Tower on the 46th Invention Day Iron Tower Certificate Orde...

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